All you wanted to know about electric toothbrushes

Dental and oral hygiene is of utmost importance that one should pay attention to. It is one of the most important areas of our body which requires regular attention and is generally the most neglected one to be taken care of.  Over the years, people have found ways to ensure that teeth are cleaned regularly, building wooden toothbrushes initially, then the invention of nylon bristle toothbrush and now developing various electric toothbrush, which is like an investment for oral hygiene.

There are various other diseases which arise from the lack dental hygiene, for example, leading to heart stroke, various serious gum diseases, people suffering from diabetes need to pay closer attention to the dental hygiene because lack of it can lead to serious complications. Various lung diseases can also be caused due to the lack of good dental hygiene.

To achieve that good level of dental and oral hygiene we will learn about the electric toothbrush and its uses.

What is Electric Toothbrush?

An electric toothbrush is a motorized brush, which works with the help of a battery. The bristle section of the toothbrush oscillates back and forth for cleaning the teeth. As it functions with the battery, hence, it reduces the immense hand movement which is required for the manual toothbrush, leading to the cleaner teeth.

Studies have shown that using electric toothbrush is far more efficient as compared to the manual toothbrush since there are less plaque and gum diseases for the people using them.

Types of the electric toothbrush?

The electric toothbrush is classified into two categories depending on their movement, electric toothbrush, and the sonic toothbrush.

Electric toothbrush: These are battery powered toothbrushes, where the bristle area moves back and forth. It has the similar action to that of the manual toothbrush, the only difference being that it is faster and more effective than the manual one. Their rotating motions are 3,000 to 7,000 rotations per minute. They help in effective removal of food from the teeth, maintaining the cleanliness of the same.

Sonic toothbrush: With 30,000 to 40,000 strokes per minute, it has an oscillating-rotating movement. This movement is extremely fast when compared to the electric toothbrush. Th advantage sonic toothbrush has over the electric one, is that due to the rapid movement it is able to push toothpaste into the smaller tooth region, which is not easily possible when brushing manually. This helps in better cleaning of teeth.

Benefits/advantages of the electric toothbrush.

Using electric toothbrush as compared to manual one has far more benefits that one needs to know.

  • Easy to use: As it runs on battery, therefore, it has far more easy to use than the manual toothbrush, wherein the hand movement might not be enough to achieve the desired results. Also, if there are issues like dexterity or shakiness of hands as in elderly, then these electric brushes come as handy tool.
  • Higher speed: This is another benefit, due to the higher speed of electric brush which is about 30 times faster than the regular brush, it becomes easy to use.
  • Highly efficient: With the better speed, electric toothbrushes are extremely efficient, in which it saves a lot of time in cleaning the teeth as in when compared with the regular toothbrush.
  • Plaque removal: With the benefit of speed, the electric toothbrush has been found effective in removing plaque and gingivitis and keeping the mouth clean.
  • Removing stains: They are good at removing the stain from the teeth, as it prevents the settling of stain-producing residue on the teeth.
  • Easy for kids: The convenience of an electric toothbrush, makes brushing fun, hence, kids enjoy using it encouraging to brush their teeth regularly.

The effectiveness of electric toothbrush

There have been numerous research on the effectiveness of powered toothbrushes as when compared to manual brushes. The powered brushes have been on the market for quite long but their popularity has increased recently. With the better design structure, these brushes are truly becoming more and better to maintain oral hygiene.

  • As per the studies conducted on a group of people, it has been observed that powered brushes are actually capable to remove plaque more and effectively than the manual way of bruising.
  • It also helps in saving the time used in brushing the teeth too because it is capable to do the same amount of job like manual brushing in less time.
  • There is less force required while using electric toothbrush than the manual toothbrush because it only requires hand movement and additional pressure is not needed. Hence, reduces the chances of teeth abrasion.
  • These electric brushes are so convenient to use, that it is extremely handy for people suffering from dexterity, and easy access to the precise areas of the teeth.
  • Once who switch to using an electric toothbrush from manual generally stick to it and don’t prefer manual toothbrush again. Due to the convenience provided by the electric toothbrush.

Popular brands to look for a powered toothbrush

There is wide variety of electric toothbrush available in the market from reasonable pricing too expensive ones. With the development of newer and better technology, various companies incorporate them to make brushing better and convenient for everyone. Here are few popular brands to look for:

  • ForeoIssa Hybrid electric toothbrush: It is one of the popular toothbrushes among dentist, not only it visually appealing but highly effective to use too. It is sonic toothbrush which is durable for a year, requiring only to change its head once a year. The toothbrush bristles are made of silicone and polymer which are softer than the regular nylon bristles. It is highly recommended for people with sensitive teeth.
  • Philips DiamondClean Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush with App: It is a high tech designed toothbrush, which has smart location sensor within the toothbrush. This sensor helps to show the 3D image of your tooth on the mobile app and shows the area where you brushed your teeth and where you missed it. The data showed it is highly accurate in nature. It is a sonic toothbrush with rotating-oscillating technology, a delight for every technology geek.
  • Oral B Genius Orchid Purple: Oral B is known as a leader when it comes to designing equipment for dental hygiene. This brush is known to be good and it has been found that after using it teeth feels smoother and cleaner. It is a sonic toothbrush with rotating-oscillating technology. It has the different sonic setting which is designed to work for people with sensitive teeth or those who are looking for the intensive cleaning session. It has four replaceable brush heads.
  • Sonic chic deluxe: It is mostly designed to target the young adults with the metallic flashy color and finish. But due to its handy nature, it is popular among adults too. Priced quite reasonable, it is lightweight and sturdy in nature making it carry it while traveling. It has a USB charging socket to the easy charging of the brush with an extra head with it.
  • Colgate pro clinical 250: Designed with utmost care in partnership with Omron, a technological leader in healthcare equipment. It promises to clean your teeth and make it plaque free five times better than the regular toothbrush. After testing, their triple clean brush head was extremely effective and was found to make the teeth cleaner and fresher. Well priced reasonably this brush is quite handy while traveling due to small size. The brush is a sonic brush only with the vibrational movement and no rotating-oscillating technology, yet it is quite effective in teeth cleaning.

Cons of using electric toothbrush

With all the best features provided by the electric toothbrush, there are certain cons in using them over a manual toothbrush.

  • Electric toothbrushes are quite expensive as compared to the manual toothbrush. In fact, their bristle requires being changed once in three months, which makes it more expensive than the regular toothbrush.
  • Electric toothbrushes are easy to break, hence, utmost care is required to use it and avoid putting too much pressure on it.
  • Charging: These need to be charged regularly or it needs to ensure that the battery is to be replaced regularly. Because once discharged, it cannot be in use until it is recharged again. Also, one needs to keep a check that it is not overcharged.
  • Those who have sensitive teeth, need to be careful to find the right electric toothbrush specifically designed for them. Because their teeth may not be able to take the pressure from a toothbrush rotating 3000 to 4000 rotations per minute, hence they need to be cautious about it.
  • Electric toothbrushes are generally heavy and bulky in nature, hence, making it difficult to carry while traveling. Even though there are many companies designing electric toothbrushes specifically for traveling yet they are not completely travel-friendly since they cannot be folded either.


Dental hygiene should never be missed, as recommended one should brush their teeth twice a day, once in the morning and other before sleeping. The evolution of the toothbrush has been long and gradual with various changes happening over the years. With the advent of technology, many companies are working towards to create effective toothbrushes, which are extremely effective in teeth cleaning but also encourages one to clean their teeth regularly. The dental care leads to the better and longer lasting teeth, which are helpful during old age and prevents one from getting various other diseases what can happen from the lack of oral hygiene